Rome; a 24 hour trip full of flavors!

Rome is one of the most visited cities in Europe! It is like a big museum; each step takes you to another era!

Apart from its history and all the beautiful archaeological sites across the city; Rome is famous for its delicious cuisine!

I decided to come back with a long, however “tasty” post, which I hope you will find useful!

When it comes to Italy, there is no point to think of  “American Style”  restaurants or any type of junk food!

The reason is simple; the city itself is full of beautiful restaurants, osterias and tavernas!

Three Places I visited in Rome and I highly recommend !


  • Ristorante da Diego.
  • Gelateria Valentino.
  • Venchi Cioccolato- Gelato.


Ristorante Da Diego!

Rome, Italy
Ristorante da Diego, Roma, Italy. 

I was walking around the beautiful city of Rome and roaming the narrow streets around the famous

“Trevi Fountain” when I saw this restaurant! The waiter approached me with a big smile,

asking if I am looking for a place to dine! He offered me a nice table and immediately gave me the menu!

I was too thirsty on this July’s afternoon that I asked for a sparkling water straight after being seated!

Everyone was so polite and willing to help you with any query!

The menu was quite long, with many choices though, that could satisfy each and everyone around!

The main courses were consisting of fish, seafood and meat!

There was an entire category dedicated to “Pasta” and another column related to “Pizza”.

I placed my order and it did not take long to get my salad as a starter!

I had a “Caprese” salad which was really, really fresh!

The tomatoes were tasty and juicy and the mozzarella had an amazing thick

yet creamy texture which felt like a food symphony to my palate!


Rome, Italy
Caprese Salad at Ristorante da Diego, Rome, Italy.  Price 8 euros!


Once I was finished with my salad the waiter cleaned up the table,

removed the plate in front of me and place new cutlery. Soon, he was back with my main choice which was “Pasta”.

 While I was placing my order I realized that they are not serving pasta with pesto

and as I am not a big fan of red sauces I ordered a “Pasta Carbonara”. 

To be honest, I do not really like thick white sauces!

However, at that particular moment it was the only thing I was able to eat and as it went later on I did it well!


Rome, Italy
Pasta Carbonara at Ristorante da Diego, Rome, Italy.Price 12 euros

Venchi Cioccolato- Gelato, Rome!


Even if I have started my post by describing my gastronomical experience in

Rome during lunch time, my day had started in a totally different way!

Being all around doing sightseeing in a hot summer day,

carrying cameras and a heavy backpack sounds too tiring and way too sweaty!

And actually, yeah, it was hectic under the hot sun until the moment my eyes read the marquee “Venchi”!

A  couple of months ago, when I was back in Rome I had seen this lovely store

and I had told to myself that the next time I will be in the city I would definitely go and try some of their specialties!

I walked in and I felt like a kid in a candy shop! Well, I am addicted to chocolate!

However, on such a summer day all I wanted was something absolutely refreshing!

The majority of the gelaterias in Rome work at the same way!

You set your basic order at the cashier desk and pay, then you

get the receipt and move on further at the point that you’re actually placing your order as per flavors!

Rome, Italy
Vanilla and Pistachio Gelato in a cup at the Venchi! Rome, Italy.Pictures Taken by Me! Price 3.50 euros.


Last but not least the Gelateria “Valentino”!


And just after my delicious meal, I went for a walk around the city!

It is so beautiful in Rome!

Every step you take, it literally, takes you to another era!

Roaming around the narrow streets of this beautiful city is always a good idea!

Somehow, just like that I found myself passing through the crowded Via Trevi!  The last time I was in the city I had some gelato just opposite the famous Fountain! 

Guess what ?! I did the exact same thing! I walked in the “Gelateria Valentino” and I had a delicious cone of vanilla and coconut!


Rome, Italy
Vanilla and Coconut Gelato at Valentino’s! Rome, Italy.Pictures Taken by Me! Price 5euros.


I enjoyed my Gelato by the fountain staring at the people coming and going

and then took the way back to the hotel! I had a great 24 hours in Rome and I hope to visit this beautiful city soon…


Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy. 




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