Incredible India; Trivandrum’s Daily Life.

India is one of the top destinations for backpackers and all those out there

seeking the meaning of life and their own purpose in it! It is full of diversions.

Probably the most diverse country in the world as the Southern part differs absolutely to the Northern part of it.

I had the opportunity to visit the State of Kerala a few months ago and I have to admit that this visit was a great experience!


Trivandrum, india
Street Photography. Trivandrum, India. 

Information about Trivandrum, India.


Trivandrum, officially known as Thiruvananthapuram, is the capital and the largest city of the Indian State of Kerala.

It is located on the west coast of the country and it gets name from the Malayalam word thiru-anantha-puram,

meaning “The City of Lord Ananta”, referring to the deity of the Sri Padmanabhaswamy Temple located in the city.

Trivandrum, India
Trivandrum, India. 


This trip meant a lot to me. I can not refer to myself as a person that

is looking for the deepest meaning of life and is seeking for her purpose in this life!

However, this particular trip made me re consider many things that

I was taking for granted and I did not acknowledge how blessed I am in this life journey.

On each and every trip I am going to, no matter the destination,

I always keep in my backpack my camera and smartphone.

Trivandrum was an extra reason to have a camera in my hands! India is, indeed, incredible, colorful and full of contrasts.

From the small grocery shop at the end of a

highway to the street bookstore and on to the people and the way they live; Trivandrum was constantly giving me goosebumps.



Daily Life. Trivandrum, India. 



Trivandrum, India
Daily Life. Trivandrum India. 

Being out, walking on the streets was an absolute madness.

No traffic rules exist in Trivandrum! People are hanging from the doors on the public transportations,

the tuk tuks are speeding like crazy and the traffic jam is a real struggle out there!

However, everywhere you step your feet in you will feel the warm welcome of the people. At the end of the day,

smile is a universal language.


Trivandrum, India
Daily Life. Trivandrum, India. 


Trivandrum, India
Daily Life.Trivandrum, India. 


TrivandrumIndia in general, is both known for their “clean” eating.

Veganism is something that it does exist for real here.

The streets are full of fruit stalls as well as street food places- the majority are vegan places-

where you can buy food that will cost you nothing! Stores located in buildings are not common out there though!


Trivandrum, India
Daily Life. Street Food Place.Trivandrum, India. 


No matter what the reason of your visit to this amazing country is, make sure to enjoy the journey across it.

Open your eyes, your heart and your horizons. See, accept and embrace the different.

Taste new flavors, meditate, give yourself the time to heal from the crazy rhythms of your life and believe me at the

end you will feel the greatness of life.

Be safe and do not forget to smile!


Trivandrum, India
Me wearing the Sari I purchased in Trivandrum.Trivandrum, India.


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