A beautiful morning around St Petersburg

St Petersburg, Russia

What comes first on your mind when you think of Russia? Well, to me I would say freezing cold, snowy weather, vodka (!) and of course the Tsars (the Russian Monarchs). Let me take you to a quick, but beautiful trip to St. Petersburg- former known as Leningrad- located at …

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Rome; a 24 hour trip full of flavors!

Rome, Italy

Rome is one of the most visited cities in Europe! It is like a big museum; each step takes you to another era! Apart from its history and all the beautiful archaeological sites across the city; Rome is famous for its delicious cuisine!

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1001 Arabian Nights; Dubai (part one)


Dubai is mysterious. It is magical. It is exotic. You either Love it or hate it! It has been two years for me so far and I have to admit that my time living in this country is still challenging, but it is a reminder to myself that the best gift …

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